Mi Promesa Cívica

Me comprometo a participar en mi comunidad ahora o en el futuro…

Me comprometo a participar en mi comunidad ahora o en el futuro…
Con las imágenes de los vídeos que acaba de ver, diseñe un Compromiso cívico. Una promesa es una promesa o un acuerdo para hacer algo. En su promesa usted necesitará proporcionar ejemplos de cómo usted se ve implicado en su comunidad ya sea ahora o en el futuro. Nota: El creador del compromiso le permitirá seleccionar imágenes. Consulte las instrucciones del creador para saber cómo navegar por esta herramienta.

Una vez que haya creado su promesa, compártela con su maestro, un amigo, un padre o tutor para comenzar su viaje de compromiso cívico.

Ejemplo de Compromiso Cívico:

NOTE: To apply an element or action, click on the check symbol in the upper right. To return to the editor, click on the X symbol in the upper left of the screen


Stickers – Click on each of the 16 categories to select photos to use in your collage

Draw – Drawing tool has multiple brush types, colors and more

Text – Copy and paste this stem, I pledge to engage in my community now or in the future by…..to your collage. Add additional text as needed

Shapes – Choose shapes like a circle, rectangle, ellipse, star, arrow and more. To change the color of the shape, select it, click on the check mark at the upper right and then choose the color button from the bottom tool panel. To make the shape color hold, click the check mark again.

Frames – Add fun frames to your image

Filters – Filters can be applied like grayscale, blur, black & white, vintage and others

Photo Manipulation – Resize and transform the image

Crop – Crop image to a specified aspect ratio or create a custom crop box

Objects – All objects like photos, shapes, and text are on their own layer and can be easily moved, resized, deleted and modified by changing their color, adding shadow, background and more

Patterns and Gradients – All objects can be filled in with many built in or custom patterns and gradient

Zoom & Pan – Canvas can be zoomed and panned using mouse, mouse wheel, or touch and pinch gestures on mobile devices