This activity offers you the opportunity to explore examples of civic engagement. This resource will help teach the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to engage in our communities and see opportunities for civic interaction. By examining and investigating citizen participation in our communities, we gain awareness of how to serve and engage as responsible members in our school, community, state, and nation.

What do you see yourself doing in your community? Select a minimum of 6 examples from the civic actions list and watch the corresponding videos. After watching the videos, select the Civic Pledge Creator at the bottom of the list to explain how you will engage in your community.

In your pledge, provide examples of what you see yourself doing in your community either now or in the future.  Once you have created your pledge, share it with your teacher, a friend, a parent or guardian.

What do you see yourself doing in your community?

Click on one of the 16 locations listed on the left side or click on one of the blue dots and the map will zoom in to that location. You can use your mouse cursor to zoom in and out and also move around the map.