Fourth Grade


In this lesson, students celebrate freedom by examining the concept of “Freedom” and creating a bar graph. The lesson continues with a look at the 1st amendment in the Bill of Rights. Lesson link   Powerpoint
Students, working in groups, will research information about different groups of Native Americans in Texas. Following the research, groups will compare and contrast their information. Lesson link
Using research skills, students will complete research on the significance of the exploration of La Salle on Texas history. The lesson assessment includes a game of bingo. Lesson link
Using manipulatives (provided), students will match grievances found in the Texas Declaration of Independence with the paraphrased counterpart. Following this, students will be assigned one of the grievances to illustrate. Students will use a scorecard to check review the artwork of their classmates to summarize the grievances.  Lesson link
Researching different battles of the Texas Revolution provides students with the information to prepare “Reporting Live” reports to share with the class. Lesson link
In this lesson, students review the I Was the First, Vote for Me! animation of the contributions of Sam Houston. After this introduction, student groups will research more about this famous Texan. Lesson link
Using provided Bingo cards, students will identify famous Texans as they play the game. Lesson link
Students will analyze the Texas and U.S. Pledges of Allegiances and their meanings and compare them to other countries. Lesson link
Students review the symbolism of the American and Texas flags in this lesson and then work with small groups to create a flag to represent the values of their class. Lesson link
This lesson has students working in groups to research and gather information about different aspects of a Cinco de Mayo to create a Powerpoint presentation. Lesson link
In this lesson students will analyze the impact of barbed wire on farming and ranching in Texas. Analyzing the perspectives of different groups, students will prepare a short presentation from one of the perspectives as to the use of this invention. The lesson ends with students analyzing the song “Don’t Fence Me In”. Lesson link
In this lesson, students will exam inventions that had an impact on the cattle industry in Texas. They will use their research and song lyrics to draw conclusions about the impact. Lesson link


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