This quick simulation will allow students to experience different forms of government as they attempt to order a pizza following the rules of various forms of government. Lesson includes a graphic organizer with government definitions. Lesson link
This interactive lesson has students understand the different forms of government by building a structure out of straws. All decisions made regarding the construction of the tower are based on the form of government the group is under. Lesson link
Following a short teach piece on the types of power in our federal system, students will analyze scenarios to determine the type of power being described. Lesson link   Power, Power, Who Has the Power? Powerpoint
This treasure hunt provides students with quotes from founding documents and has students review the original document to determine the quotes origins. Lesson link
Students read the Declaration of Independence to find textual evidence to support or refute their predictions on statements about the document. Lesson link
A great introduction to the U.S. Constitution and to help students understand that some important facts about our government have been developed by law or custom, this lesson provides students with facts and asks them to predict if the fact is found in the Constitution or not. Lesson link
After discussing the purpose and process for amending the Constitution, students take on the role of delegates to the constitutional convention and discuss proposed changes. Lesson link Amending the Constitution Powerpoint
This trading card game is a great way to review the three branches of government. Playing in teams of three to four students, the goal is to get a hand with all cards representing one branch of government. Lesson link
Students will sort the powers of government into the three branches of government. Large signs are available to help check for understanding as a class. Lesson link
This manipulative lesson allows students to show their understanding of how each branch of government is able to check the power of the other branches. Lesson link
This review activity presents hypothetical statements regarding powers of the three branches of government. Students are asked to determine if the situation is in accord with what the Constitution supports. Lesson link
This review activity provides groups of students with national, state, or local signs that are used to signal responses to scenarios posed by the teacher. Lesson link
This lesson allows student to understand and evaluate the role of John Adams in the establishment of the democratic principle of the rule of law. Students will understand the rights of the accused in the United States. Lesson link
In this lesson, students examine the rights contained in the U.S. Bill of Rights and demonstrate an understanding of those rights as they play Bingo. Lesson link


Citizen Bee

#Liam Learns

Oyez Oyez

Bill of Rights

Vote America

Constitution Game

All Rise

Pick Six

Pick Twelve


Preamble Scramble

Preamble Pirates


3 Branches

Federalist Anti-Fed

Should Be A Law

Who Am I?

Check Point Powers


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