Sixth Grade


In this lesson students will create a “citizen” to represent the government structure and the role of citizens in a country they are studying. Students will use the LRE Country Cards as a foundation. Lesson link
This lesson helps students understand the concepts of limited and unlimited governments. Students will evaluate information about a specific country, from the LRE Country Cards, and then complete a Bio poem as either a leader or a citizen of their assigned country. Lesson link
In this lesson students will analyze constitutions from different countries with the U.S. Constitution and will compare the similarities and differences between these various constitutions. Lesson link
Students will become an “expert” on a chosen country and will complete a frame for their country. Students will group their countries into regions and then complete debriefing questions. Lesson link
This lesson contains a set of vocabulary that is essential to terms used on the LRE Country cards and in both Contemporary World Cultures and World Geography. Several strategies for using the cards are provided. Lesson link
Using the LRE Country Cards, students will create a newspaper front page for a given country. Lesson link
Using the LRE Country Cards, students will create an acrostic poem for a given country. Lesson link
To help students understand the various ways in which people organize governments and be able to give examples of governments with rule by one, rule by few, and rule by many, students will use pie cards to help understand the division of power and will use these cards to identify the type of government they are studying. Lesson link This lesson also utilizes the LRE Country Cards. An additional systems of government chart is also provided.
This quick simulation will allow students to experience different forms of government as they attempt to order a pizza following the rules of various forms of government. Lesson includes a graphic organizer with government definitions. Lesson link
This vocabulary lesson utilizes terms that are in the LRE Country Cards and asks students to utilize four different segments of the vocabulary connection card to demonstrate understanding of their term. Lesson link
Country Card United Nations Dinner Party Using the LRE Country Cards, students will complete a dinner place mat for their country. Students will then be given opportunities to determine if their country could sit next to another country during a dinner and/or how that might pose a problem. Students will also be asked to identify topics of conversation that could be addressed at their dinner table. Lesson link
By trading goods with students on the other side of the room, students begin to see the types of products that were exchanged as a part of The Columbian Exchange. Working together, they will examine the short-term and long-term effects of trading. Lesson link
Helping students gain an understanding of some of the African countries south of the Sahara, this lesson provides Who Am I? cards that ask students to determine which country is represented on each card. All cards provided. Lesson link


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