World History


Students utilize chocolate chip cookies and artifact bags to understand the role of archaeology and anthropology in the study of prehistory and history. Lesson link
This quick simulation will allow students to experience different forms of government as they attempt to order a pizza following the rules of various forms of government. Lesson includes a graphic organizer with government definitions. Lesson link
This interactive lesson has students understand the different forms of government by building a structure out of straws. All decisions made regarding the construction of the tower are based on the form of government the group is under. Lesson link
By trading goods with students on the other side of the room, students begin to see the types of products that were exchanged as a part of The Columbian Exchange. Working together, they will examine the short-term and long-term effects of trading. Lesson link
In this lesson, students analyze the functions and power of an absolute monarch and contrast those with how a democracy executes the functions of government. The lesson concludes with the identification of the advantages and disadvantages of each form of government. Lesson link
This review lesson has students identifying key people, events, and effects of the revolutions in England, France, and the United States. The teacher reads statements and the students hold up the correct Revolution card to show their answer. Lesson link
Federation and the U.S. Bill of Rights In this lesson, students compare the Constitution of the Russian Federation (adopted in 1993) with the U.S. Bill of Rights to gain an understanding of the rights that are guaranteed. Lesson link
This lesson has students identify how the events of 9-11 have shaped the course of history. Lesson link
This year end review asks groups of students to prepare an “artifact bag” over a given era of World History. Students will include examples of the political, social, economic, and cultural characteristics of the era. Lesson link
This processing strategy utilizes a frame to have students explain the different characteristics of a given era in history. Lesson link


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